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GVC is tasked with supporting tourism in Greenland. We are doing this by building and operating six planned visitor centres, where visitors can learn about the cultural and natural history of the six regions through exciting interactive exhibits. We also cooperate with both Greenlandic and foreign cruise ships or land-based tour operators, to create the best possible experiences for tourists in Greenland.

As an operator you can access our experience packages, discounts and special events. If you book our activities in advance, we guarantee access for your guests according to your plans. Read more about our offers for travel operators and for local operators below.

Offers for travel operators

Greenland is for many people often an unknown land and a new destination – this goes for both tourists and operators. Our Arctic culture, nature and infrastructure differs from many other destinations, and that is why it is especially important that you as an operator thoroughly understand the conditions, in order to ensure the best possible experience for the tourists. The national tourism organization, Visit Greenland, has assembled a large package of information, guides and tips that you can find at the site https://traveltrade.visitgreenland.com.
GVC is responsible for building and operating six visitor centres in Greenland. The visitor centres are attractions that provide knowledge about the cultural and natural history of the regions. For operators we offer package deals and discounts as well as pre-booking of visitor access to ensure access for your guests. We also cooperate with Destination Management Organizations and local operators to build packages, so that your guests can, for example, learn about the importance of the Ice Cap for animals and humans in Ilulissat, before they venture out on a whale safari followed by a visit to a restaurant where the local catch is presented.
As a travel operator, you can contact us here if you wish to use our offers.


Offers for local operators

The primary objective of GVC is to provide knowledge of the cultural and natural history of the regions, in order to put the experiences of the tourists into context. At the same time, GVC supports tourism in Greenland by contributing to a general increase in tourism sector activity. We do this by cooperating with local operators on assembling package offers for visitors, to ensure that we create a more coherent range of experiences of a higher quality. As a local operator, you can contact us here if you wish to know more about how your company can cooperate with GVC.